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Brinkman Adventures - Missionary Audio Drama - Review

Brinkman Adventures

Do you enjoy reading missionary stories?  I know our family does!  Although we love to read them, Audio Missionary Dramas can be a hit or miss in our home, but Brinkman Adventures is always a hit.  Our family has been enjoying Season 6: Underground Rising, during dinner time.  This is one Audio Drama we enjoy listening to over and over again.  Continue reading to see how our family incorporated this audio story into our day and what we learned from it.

What we Received

We received a digital download to Brinkman Adventures Season 6: Underground Rising.  Brinkman Adventures have moved to a six-episode release structure, so it is half the size of their previous releases.

Underground Rising Season 6 Brinkman Adventures

About Brinkman Adventures

Brinkman Adventures are inspired by real missionary stories but shared through the fictional Brinkman family.

About Season 6: Underground Rising

Each episode has a Biblical theme and many teachable moments to discuss with your children.  The story starts when two girls go to visit their great grandma.  They ask her to share the story of how her and their great-grandfather meet during the time of World War II and how they survived it.  

Season 6 includes the following episodes:

55 Dutch Underground Part 1
56 Dutch Underground Part 2
57 Twice Born Fly
58 I Wonder Why?
59 Free Burma Rangers Part 1
60 Free Burma Rangers Part 2

Our Thoughts

We listened to an episode a night during dinner time as a family.  After each episode, we discussed "teachable moments" from the story.  We spent time learning about the setting of each episode as well the following day.  The Brinkman Adventures website has a Real Stories Tab where we were able to find information about the real-life adventures that correspond to each episode.  This included some background history, photographs of the actual people and places, and more.

The audio is so amazing it actually seems as if you are watching the movie.

What did we learn from each episode?

55 Dutch Underground Part 1

My daughter said, "Doing bad even for a good cause is still wrong."

My other daughter said, "You shouldn't try to be like Robin Hood stealing from the rich to give to the poor, it is still wrong.  Even though you may be doing it for a good cause it is still wrong because it goes against what God said, He said not to steal."

My son said, "When you want to do the right thing, but you are going about it the wrong way you should go to God and ask him how he would want you to do it. Doing wrong for a good reason is still wrong."

56 Dutch Underground Part 2

My daughter said, "God protects His people."

57 Twice Born Fly

My son said, "Flies are born twice, once into a maggot and then into a fly."

My other son said, "Those who follow the Lord when they are going through difficult times will overcome it if they keep their faith."

My daughter said, "From the example of the fly being born twice, I compared it to when we are first born we are born into sin, but when we find Jesus and accept him we are born again into His family."

58 I Wonder Why? 

My daughter said, "Even though people are mean to you, you should still treat them with kindness. You never know what they may be going through and your kindness will help them.  By doing this God gets the Glory."

My son said, "You should love people even when you think they don't deserve it because God loves us even when we don't deserve it. "

My other daughter said, "Sam felt as though the orphan children didn't deserve love and care because of their behavior,  She failed to give them grace and love like God has given us. Even though people may act sinfully, you should still love them the way God loves us all even when we sin."

59 Free Burma Rangers Part 1

My daughter said, "Often times we plan our lives around what we want to do but not around what God's wants.  We should allow God to guide us in all avenues of our life."

My other daughter said, "You shouldn't give up your job unless you know she is going to say yes."  -MOM HERE - so there was a part in the story where a guy left the army and proposed to a lady, she said no.  My daughter is a little bothered by that.  HAHA - "You should be sure to line your life up with God's will.  You can still have dreams, but you must be sure it lines up with what God wants for your life."

My son said, "Before you think about having a career you should pray and ask God if it is what He wants for you.  Men should work, but they can always ask God what He wants them to do and bless the work of their hands."

60 Free Burma Rangers Part 2

My daughter said, "You can and should always go to God when you have problems."

My other daughter said, "We may feel as though God has left us, but he is always with us to carry us through hard times.  We just need to ask Him for help."

My son said, " No matter how far away God seems He will always be us if we accept him."

So as you can see this story serves far more than just entertainment it provides family discussion, biblical lessons, and much more.

Brinkman Adventures has been kind enough to offer my readers a 10% discount from their site.

Thank you so much for your generosity Brinkman Adventures!

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