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CodeWizardsHQ - A Coding Class Review

Our children don't have the privilege of using electronics too often.  However, after being introduced to coding at homeschool convention one year, my son showed interest in learning how to code.  We purchased a few workbooks, but it wasn't enough for him to actually learn programming.  We just finished a coding class from CodeWizardsHQ and I am excited to tell you all about it.  Their computer programming class is great for all kids rather they are a homeschool students, in public or private school.

What is CodeWizardsHQ

CodeWizardsHQ is a coding curriculum for all kids.  They teach real-world programming language.  Classes are taught online live with an instructor.  There are 9 courses each course is 12 weeks and they build on the previous course. They also offer an Internship Program after the completion of all their courses. 

About the Class

Live Class Computer Programming for your Students {CodeWizardsHQ}

My son took an hour introductory class with 7other students.  This class was not apart of one of their 12-week courses.  The instructor Mr. Stanley was very nice and patient with the kids.  He started with a brief introduction of what HTML was and what it did.  He was very good at answering questions the students and parents had.  He walked the kids through how to create a 9 slide comic using the HTML computer language.  The class was held online via GoToMeeting, the screen was section by a workspace, space where the kids could see the work of the instructor,  and a section where they could chat privately with the instructor etc.

We started out on one computer but quickly moved to two so that my son could easily see the instructor's example and his own.  This was totally our preference to make it easier for my son.  Mr. Stanley taught the kids how to change the images, background, and the text.  He was able to see what each kid was coding so if they had an error he was able to easily see what caused it and how to fix it.  He did not change it for them but instead, he would say things like, "on line 22 you didn't close your tag." Or, "you put an extra letter on line 6." and so on.  I loved that he did this because it helped make my son aware of his mistakes and allowed him the opportunity to fix it.  This gave him the hands-on learning that he needs.  Most students were able to finish their project by the end of the class and Mr. Stanley allowed them to share their comic with the rest of the class if they desired to do so.My son did not finish, but he wanted to share so he did a "to be continued" scene so that he could share.  They had the option to continue working on their project after class as well.

The front end of his coding project

The back end of his coding project

My son's thoughts

I asked my son after the class was over what he thought it.  He said, "I REALLY liked this class.  It helped me learn how to code a lot better.  The teacher was really nice and he made sure he answered every question we had.  I enjoyed making the comic even though I didn't finish.  I didn't think I would like it at first, but I guess that's why you don't judge a book by its cover.  I can't wait to take another class!"

My thoughts

I was really pleased with the class, in fact, I was more pleased than I expected!  It was very organized and easy to navigate.  The instructor was phenomenal!  He was very knowledgeable and was able to answer not just the students but the parent's questions as well.  I would definitely recommend CodeWizardsHQ to other families.  

Check out this video for a great overview of CodeWizardsHQ

If you would like to know what other mamas and kids have to say about the program click the banner below.  Let them know I sent you over.

Live Class Computer Programming for your Students {CodeWizardsHQ Reviews}

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