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IXL Learning - Our Review

There are some days when we hit a roadblock in our curriculum.  No matter how the Teacher's Manual explains it, the drawings I write on the whiteboard or the amount of time I spend trying to break the question down we just can't get past that problem or concept.  Have you ever experienced that frustration?  I know it makes me feel so defeated.  IXL Learning is the perfect program to help you overcome those days!  Our family received a free full annual membership to IXL in exchange for our honest review.  Go grab your notebook and a cup of coffee or tea and join us while we tell you all about our experience with IXL.

What we Received

Our family received 3 full annual memberships to IXL Learning.

About IXL Learning

IXL is an adaptative learning program that covers grades PreK - 12th grade.   They cover Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish.  Science and Social Studies are available for grades 2-8.  You can personalize your child's learning experience by allowing them to take the diagnostic test and using the recommendations generated to fit their needs.  The program is very versatile and can be used by homeschool or public school kids that need extra practice or review over a certain concept. 

How we Used the Program

There are many ways to use IXL you can select a grade level, a topic, or just use the recommendations.  I have a 12, 13, and 15-year-old using this program.  We have one main login, but each kid has their own login with that one.  I let them each pick a secret work for their account so they would remember it and I wrote in on a stick note for myself in case they forgot.    Before starting the program I had each of my children take the diagnostic test so that we could get an idea on where to start them in each subject area.  The test is on-going doesn't end.  They each spent about 20 - 30 minutes answering questions.  They appreciated being able to pick a starting point and if there was a concept they had not learned being able to select "I haven't learned this yet".   

If this is a concept that has not been learned they can select that option

The child can select the question they want to start with

We ended the test ourselves by selecting see my results, we were then able to start where they recommended or do our own thing.  All 3 of my kids decided to do their own thing.  Our main focus was on Spanish so my girls spent 4 or more days, sometimes even on the weekends, practicing their Spanish skills.  My son took a more relaxed approached and spent maybe 2-3 days a week working through different subjects.  I did not schedule days or times for them to log in, they did this on their own.  I will, however, assign certain topics when I notice my kids struggling on their other assignments.  IXL has an app and my oldest daughter uses it a lot when we are on car rides, but for the most part, they use the website.  The iPhone app only gives you access to Math and Language Arts.

Our Final Thoughts

It feels to know that we have a program we can rely on in our times of struggle or when the kids just want that extra practice.  I know many people feel IXL can be used as a full curriculum, but I disagree with that, I think it is the perfect program for extra practice.  I like to look at it as a supplement.  I have seen an improvement in my girls' Spanish!  They love it and jump on without being asked, almost everyday!  The certificates are a great way to encourage the kids to keep on going and are great to add to their portfolio if you keep one.

I asked the kids what they thought about IXL Learning and this is what they had to say.

My oldest daughter said, "I've recently tried out IXL and I have enjoyed most of it!  They have courses in science, math, language arts, social studies, and Spanish.  They provide a test for you to see exactly where you are and areas you need to improve on which comes in handy.  The diagnostic test is great, but I really didn't enjoy it because it as no set time or a number of questions that you have to answer. So I spent at least thirty minutes answering questions and that was an aspect I didn't like. Now, I did love their Spanish course it is really thorough and every lesson has a theme to it, like your numbers, letters, and greetings etc. The only thing I would change is the way they have you continue to answer questions until you receive a 100, it is like that diagnostic test that I wasn't fond of.  Other than that I love that course it was my favorite. Their math course is more of a supplement rather than a full curriculum.  I tried a few lessons of that, typically after I finish school for the day.   You choose your "grade level" they give you questions and you answer them accordingly.  Another course I've tried and I love is their reading comprehension. Reading Comprehension has always been my favorite thing to do because I love reading and theirs is great.  They give you a paragraph or two to read and afterward, you have a question to answer if you get it right you get points and then you have one more question to answer. That's it you get two questions and then another passage. Overall this is a great online supplement and I would personally recommend it to all school-aged children because they even have pre-k courses which is a plus."

Working hard to get to 100%

My youngest daughter said, " IXL is a really good program. I like how it has different subjects for me to practice and not just one.  I tried Math and Spanish. Spanish is my favorite. The math was ok but that is because  I don't really like math. I recommend this to all kids sorry I mean children, kids are baby goats.  On a scale from 1 to 10, I give it a 10."

This kid made sure she took notes

My oldest son said,  "IXL is really good at making me burst into tears (not really but it was frustrating sometimes) and helping me get smarter in areas I didn't even know I needed correction in. I really like how it gives you recommendations on things they notice your struggling in. It can get really annoying and frustrating at some times, but that pays off when you stick with it. At first, I didn't like IXL, but that was before I got used to it. A lot of times we don't like things that we're not used to because it is out of our comfort zone, but sometimes it is good to step out of our comfort zone because we never know what we would find, it could be a valuable lesson that we need. :D"      

Even daddy jumped in to help.  They are locating a country on the map.

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    1. You’re welcome! We are really enjoying our subscription!

  2. The parents page helps parents to know their kid's weakness; however, it can be stressful for students. In my opinion, students can grow faster to gain an excellent result, but I would suggest using both IXL and Beestar that students can get a comprehensive learning environment. It is another learning website that provides reasonable problems and worksheets each week to help students to gain more experience on study to build a great foundation to challenge other high level exercises.

  3. I think IXL is a great tool for teacher assigning worksheets to students as homework or extra work, which is helping students to improve their learning skill and absorb more knowledge from other resources. But I found the real-time diagnosis system is a little harsh to students thus causing extra pressure to the student. Well, I would suggest students to use Beestar, which provides friendly exercises and the problems are easier to handle by students. Maybe students can have both IXL and Beestar to master their foundation.