Thursday, February 7, 2019

Kaela's January Favorites

Hi, it's Kaela, again!  Okay, so I know I’m not the first to think, “wow last month went by really fast.” There were a lot of aspects that I enjoyed last month. Whether it was a scent or an outfit. I would like to share with you guys all of my January favorites.

My favorite day: January 1st, it was the start of the New Year which meant new challenges, memories, and a new outlook on life. I also had two siblings with birthdays in January so I couldn’t choose either one of their birthdays without offending the other, lol.

Favorite book:  Theodore Boone The Accused.  This book is by John Grisham and was by far my favorite one in the series. It was about a 13-year-old boy who lives in Strattenburg, Michigan.  Both of his parents are lawyers so naturally, he aspires to become one also. With that dream in mind, he helps kids out in school with” legal problems” and spends every other moment at the courthouse. Really it’s a good book that I think many people will enjoy.

Favorite show: American Ninja Warrior Junior. Our family loves the original American Ninja Warrior so when the kid version came out I jumped on it. I love that show.

My favorite scent: I love the My Burberry Blush perfume, I got a sample scent from Sephora to see if I liked it and instantly fell in love with it I highly recommend it.

My favorite clothing piece: I found a jean skirt from H&M, on sale for seven dollars.  It is the most cutest skirt I can think of right now.  When I tell you guys I’ve worn that skirt so much, trust me I have!  It’s dark blue denim, with a zipper going down the middle, and has four pockets it’s so comfortable and I just love it.

Thank you for stopping by for another Kaela's Corner Chat!  What were some of your favorite things from January?

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