Thursday, March 7, 2019

FAQ I Get as a Homeschooler - Kaela's Corner

Kaela's Corner

Hey guys today's blog post as you can see by the title will be frequently asked questions that I get as a homeschooler. Before I get to that though, I want to know how has your week been?  Mine is going good. Okay, so back to the nitty gritty I chose three FAQs I get when someone realizes I'm homeschooled and I'll give you my typical response.

FAQ #1: "since you're homeschooled do you have friends?"

Response: "yes I have friends all of which are homeschooled and saved"

FAQ#2: "so do you have to take a test?"

Response: "yes I take tests like spelling and math test but I'm not required to take state test"

FAQ #3: "do you get to eat whatever you want?"  This is one of the weirdest questions ever, but I kid you not I get asked this.

response: "Yea, pretty much and sometimes we even go out for lunch or breakfast during school hours."

As you can see homeschooling stereotypes are all wrong. We aren't weird and we do have friends. We aren't a cult. We are still children/teenagers and enjoy doing things as such. We still play sports, talk to other people and enjoy going to the mall. So if you are in public school and come across a homeschooler remember we do normal people things too. If you are homeschooling I know these questions can get annoying but be patient this is new to them. Have a great week love y'all.

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