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My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping - Review

Planning and keeping track of your children's work should not be stressful.  Our family received an Annual Membership Plan from My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping in exchange for our honest review.  This has been great so far.  It's good for keeping up with your children's schedule, planning out your school year, creating a way for your children to go in and check to see what they currently need to turn into you, and even creating a high school transcript! I am sure you want to hear ALL about it.  Well, go grab your coffee, your pen, your notebook, and a cup of coffee. 

We don't usually take a summer break, but due to the move I was exhausted and so were the kids, so we took a break.  I am moving slow at getting everything for our new school year, so I have not been able to use My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping to its full capacity, but from what I have used, I am in love!

The older my children get the more I realize that good recordkeeping is something that is very important for me to do.  In the state of Texas, we don’t have to keep records, however, I am that mom that likes to have it, just in case.  So once my kid has hit high school or they have started taking high school classes I start keeping track of EVERYTHING.   First, let me just say this, I am a pen and paper girl and I still use my planner and spiral notebook however having something electronically just gives me a peace of mind knowing that I don’t have to worry about it being lost or something like that. 

Getting started was simple.  Once I created my login info I added all my children's information, selected the start and end date for the school year, scheduled days off, added in classes for each student (I only added the ones they do independently), and then I added the lesson plans for the curriculum we have already.  

Some of the features offered are homeroom, calendar, plan book, reports, and teachers aid.

Homeroom - This is where you will get a quick review of everything for each of your children.  When you click on your child’s name you will find their term and how many days of the term has been completed, all the classes that you have assigned to them, their attendance days, attendance hours, events that are coming up, awards that they’ve received, their reading log, extracurricular activities, standardized test,etc.  Of course, all of this may or may not apply to you so you would just use what applies to your homeschool.

Calendar - This gives you an overview of what’s scheduled for your week. You can see their schedule based on their assignments, any appointments that they may have, events that are coming up, their reading list, and more.  You are able to choose if you want to see the calendar as a weeks view, day view, or a month view. 

Planbook - This is another place where you can see everything that you have scheduled as far as assignments.  There are filters so you can decide if you only want to see a certain student, or certain subject, or things that are coming up. 

Reports - This is where you can create transcripts, report cards, etc.   

Teachers Aid - This is where you can see things that you need to complete or fix.  For instance, when I first set up my account I entered in all of my kids names and their subjects or the courses that they would take, I didn’t add in the lessons for each subject so when I clicked on Teachers Aid I had 29 notices basically they just told me that I need to input things for those subjects. 


So, as I previously stated I am a paper and pen girl, I love my planners and I love keeping track of everything in it, however, one of the things that I like about this is that any of my kids can access their schedule from anywhere.  My oldest daughter has started babysitting a couple days out of the week so she’ll take her schoolwork with her. Well, if she needs to see assignments that need to be done or if I’ve graded certain assignments she can logon and see that from there, with the paper and pen she wasn’t able to do that she’d have to call me and ask me.  So I really do like the fact that this is something that can be accessed from mobile devices anywhere.  It would be awesome if the kids had their own login.  I love that they provide instructional videos on how to navigate and use it.  Overall, I think it is a great program and plan to dig deeper into it. 

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