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Interactive Math Supplement - I Know It - Review

Math, Math, Math where do I begin?  I've said it before, and I will repeat it Math is one of those subjects you will either love or hate, there is no in between.  Math is my favorite subject, and I want to make sure my children enjoy it as well.  One of the ways I try to do that is to be sure to incorporate resources that will assist in making it easier to understand.  Especially, when learning new concepts.  For the past couple of months, my children have been using iKnowIt.com as a supplement to their math curriculum.  I Know It is an online math supplement for children in grades K-5 that our family is reviewing for you all!  We are excited to share our thoughts and opinions with you.

What We Received

We received an 'I Know It' family membership, which is good for one parent and up to four students.

I Know It Interactive Math Lessons K - 5 grade

What is I Know It?

iKnowIt.com is an interactive online math supplement program for kids in grades K-5.  There are characters, avatars, that encourage and cheer the kids on.  If they get an answer wrong, it provides the correct answer along with an explanation on how to get the answer.   It is common core based which I'm not too fond of, but it didn't hinder my children too much, and it showed them a different way to get to the answer other than the way I taught them and from what was taught in their math curriculum.  

How Did We Use It

I Know it is not meant to be used as a full curriculum, but as a supplement, and that is exactly how we used it.  I looked over what each of my children would cover in Math for the current week, and then I would schedule their lessons in I Know It to match what they were doing.  I would also schedule in a few things they already covered, for review. 
One of my children has been working on changing improper fractions to mixed numbers, so Monday morning before he started his school day I made sure to assign lessons that correspond to it.  If they are learning a new concept I have them work from their curriculum first and use I Know It as a review or if they need extra practice.  We used it about 4 times a week. 

Our Final Thoughts

I love how easy the set up was it took me maybe 7 minutes if that.  I don't like the one login for everyone, I wish there were a login for each child.  This is an excellent resource for extra math practice, and I wish it had higher grade levels, especially Algebra and Geometry.  I love the Weekly Progress Reports that are sent to my email.  It provides me with how many minutes my child has practiced, how many questions were answered, topics that were practiced, and then I click on a link that will provide more detailed information about how my child is doing.  

My daughter said, "It is an excellent math help.  I like the fact that it gives you hints but not too many.  I like how I able to select what lesson I want to do for the day and the characters they are encouraging.  I think this is a lot of help when you don't understand how to do your math assignment or when you need to extra practice."

My son said, " It is a good program!  I kind of like it but I'm not a huge fan.  I'm not sure why though.  It did help make my math lessons easier because it gave me extra practice and it explained how to get the answer if I got one wrong.  I think the reason I'm not so thrilled about it is that I'm not really a math person at all."

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Interactive Math Lessons K - 5 grade {I Know It Reviews}

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