Monday, May 27, 2019

Happy Memorial Day

We appreciate the many sacrifices they made! 

Thursday, May 23, 2019

EdAlive - Math and Typing Fun - Review

Can y'all believe we are already near the summer?  I'm still trying to figure out where did the time go.  Although we school year round here at Cooks Christian Academy, our summers are lighter.  I like to make sure they are still learning something but without a lot of book work.  The kids recently spent some time brushing up on their typing and math skills with EdAlive.  We received a one-year subscription to their Typing Tournament Online and Maths Invaders Online in exchange for our honest review.  Using the Typing Tournament has been like having a Typing Tutor in our home and Math Invaders has been a great way for them to get some extra math practice in.  Go grab your coffee or tea and come sit with us for a while so that we can tell you all about them.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Elizabeth Prentiss - Book Review

Hey, y'all!  The kids and I have just finished reading another great read aloud, Elizabeth Prentiss More Love by Claire Williams.  Our family truly enjoyed this heartwarming story and it led to great discussions.  Elizabeth Prentiss is published by Christian Focus and is a part of the Trail Blazers series.  We received this book in exchange for our honest review.  Go grab you a cup of coffee or tea and join us as we tell you all about this inspiring story.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Side of the House Makeover - Wordless Wednesday

My oldest son recently decided he wanted to start a lawn business, so what better place to start than home.  The side of of house was a huge mess so we decided to give it a small makeover.  

Welcome back to another Wordless Wednesday

I am so proud of how it turned out.  We all pitched in and helped of course.
Are you working on any projects around your house?  I would love to hear about it.  
Thanks for stopping by today have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Funny Facts About My Mom

Do you remember being young talking with your siblings about your parents?  Not gossiping about them, but laughing about their funny habits.  Well, I recently asked my children what are some of my habits that they find hilarious.  Y'all, they are pretty accurate on most of these and they are pretty funny!  I laughed a while as I read them.

Friday, May 3, 2019

CLEP and DSST Test Prep Review

Did you know college credits may be earned through CLEP and DSST testing?  I did not learn that until I started preparing my oldest daughter for high school.  Like you can actually test out of college classes and receive the credit.  That blew my mind!  You mean to tell me that I spent, and still spending money on student loans to pay for classes that I could have tested out of?  Well, like the saying goes if you know better you will do better.  I will help my children do better if college is the route they decide to take.  We received a 3-month subscription to the CLEP and DSST prep materials from in exchange for our honest review.  So, let me tell you all about our experience. 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

The Hamelin Stoop Series Book Review - Kaela's Corner

Have you ever read a book that was not a genre you would normally be interested in, but then found yourself flipping page after page with excitement, anxiously waiting to see what would happen next? Well, that has been me with our latest read aloud!  I am normally not a fan of young adult fiction or fantasy books, however, when the opportunity arose for us to review The Hamelin Stoop Series, I decided to give it a try.  First, let me just say that I am so glad I did!  We received Hamelin Stoop: The Eagle, The Cave, and the Footbridge (Book 1) and Hamelin Stoop: The Lost Princess and the Jewel of Periluna (Book 2) in exchange for our honest review.  Both books are published by 12 Gates Publishing Normally I would be giving you guys the review, but my oldest daughter enjoyed the first book so much (she is just about to start book 2) that she asked if she could tell y'all about it.  I will check in later to add my two cents.