Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Entrepreneurship and Money Management for Kids - Review

Entrepreneurship and money management is something we have talked a lot about with our children.  All around us we see people just spend, spend, spend, and go into debt.  This is not the way of living we want our children to adapt to, so we started discussing these things with them at a young age.  Our oldest son started showing more interest in spending money about a year or so ago.  He knows how hard my husband works to provide for us, so he is very careful with how he approaches his dad when asking for things.  He began working with my husband at the age of 12 and saved his money to buy an iPad.  During the time he was working and saving he made sure he paid tithes.  This was something he started doing on his own without being asked because he had watched my husband do it for so many years he knew it was something he needed to do.  We were so proud of him!  Soon his job came to an end because there was no more work.  He asked his dad if he could start his own business.  My husband and I were both shocked but knew this was something he wanted to do.  He wanted to make money just like his father.  The opportunity for us to review The Complete Starter Kit from The Kingdom Code could not have come at a better time!  This curriculum is designed to help teach children how to make and manage money in a Biblical way.  It is helping us help our son learn that there's more to entrepreneurship than making money.   Go grab your cup of coffee or tea, a notebook, and something to write with so we can tell you all about our experience with The Kingdom Code.