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Parenting Tips for 2018

Parenting.....  It's one of  the most rewarding jobs (my sister hates when I call it a job) there are, yet it can be overwhelming and even hard at times.  I remember being pregnant with my first child, reading every parenting book I could get my hands on, I just knew by the time she was born I was going to be a pro at being a mommy.  Ha!  I remember her crying, me trying to feed her, burp her, sing to her, bounce her, play soothing music, everything the books had told me to do.  She was still crying and so was I by now. What was wrong?  What about the first time she refused food and I tried playing the airplane game, telling her how good it was, even tasting it myself?  What now?  Fast forward now I have four kids.  I have repeatedly asked them to finish their chores. Why do I have to remind them everyday.  Why am I constantly saying things like, "be nice to your brother," "stop throwing that football in the house," " yes you have to eat it" no you can't watch that" I could go on and on forever.  I've come to realize parenting is never ending, consistent reminders are necessary, and grace for both child and parent is a must.  I have now been a parent for almost 15 years, wow that makes me feel old, so I think its ok to share a few tips I've learned along the way. 

At a recent Christmas Party

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