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Apologia's Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition - Review

Apologia Educational Ministries is one of those curricula we have used since the beginning of our homeschool journey.  We have loved everything we've used, so when I saw they were soon to come out with a Health and Nutrition Basic Set I was excited, to say the least.  I already exhausted our homeschool budget for the next few months so I was thinking of all kinds of ways to present this to my husband so that we could get it.  LOL  The Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition by Dr. Laura Chase was released and I was still trying to figure out how to explain this to my husband that we just had to have this.   Well, yall always hear me say how being apart of the Homeschool Review Crew is a blessing, right?  So get this, we were offered the opportunity to review it in exchange for our honest review.  If I knew how to flip I would have!  So after careful reading what the course would cover, talking to my husband and daughter, and praying we jumped on the opportunity.  My 15-year-old daughter and I will be sharing with you our thoughts on this Health and Nutrition Basic Set.

What we Received

We received the Health and Nutrition Basic Set by Apologia.  It included a hardback textbook and spiral bound student notebook.  Both books are essential to being able to successfully complete this course.

Health and Nutrition Basic Set

The textbook is broken up into 15 modules.

Who am I and Why does Health Matter?
Physical influences on thoughts and feelings
Mental and Emotional Stability
Interpersonal Harmony
Treasuring Your Senses
Processing Nourishment and Hydration
Food Science I - Macronutrients
Food Science II - Micronutrients
Let's Look at What You Eat
Delivering the Oxygen
Let's Move
You're Stronger Than You Look
At War with Infection
Peace in Difficult Times
The Gift of Reproduction

The student notebook has a grading recording chart, the suggested daily schedule, the On Your Own questions and activities for each module, the study guides, and module exams.   The student notebook is a consumable so you will have to buy one for each child if you are using this with multiple children.

How we used it

It can be used a couple of ways.  You can either do it daily and complete the course in a semester or you can do it 3 days a week and complete it in a full school year.  
We decided to use it 3 days a week, however, there are days when my daughter gets so into it she wants to keep going and will do 4 days a week.  For the most part, she followed the suggested daily schedule that is found near the front of the student notebook.  

Each day she read the scheduled reading in the textbook and then did the On your Own  (OYO) in the student notebook.  I did not grade her OYO because she narrated what she read each day to us.  At the end of each module or chapter there's a study guide and then a Module Exam.  Once she completed her study guide we went over it together to be sure she was prepared for the exam.  If she did well she did the exam the next day.  There are projects within the modules and she has done them all so far.   The solutions to the study guide and Module Exams are found online and you will be given a password to access them in your book. 

Our Final Thoughts

My husband, daughter and I were all excited when this arrived.  In fact, my husband wanted to jump into the reading before my daughter did.

This curriculum covers not only your physical health but your mental and spiritual health as well.  It comes from a biblical standpoint and points to Scripture throughout the text.  I looked ahead at several modules because I wanted to double check again the way it presented certain topics such as porn and reproduction.  I will say that it does it in a very biblical format and there is no fluff or watered down info.  I loved this because when we talk to our children about on certain topics we do it according to their age but, we don't water it down.  It even discusses gaming addiction, anxiety, and depression.  It explained how your diet effects these things as well.  I would definitely recommend this to children 14 and up.  This course has been an amazing asset to our homeschool so far. 

My daughter is really enjoying it!  She even works on it when we are on the go.  After she completes a lesson she tells my husband and my self all about it.

As Apologia Educational Ministries awaited the release of Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition they offered a free learning health resource.  You can download the Whole-Health: God's Design for Your Body, Mind, and Soul activity e-Book for free.

My Daughter Thoughts

"I received the Apologia Health workbook and textbook about a month ago. When I tell you guys it has been “hands down” the best curriculum I’ve done since being homeschooled. I was kind of surprised that my mom picked it out. The authors of Apologia always do a fabulous job on their work anyways, so there was really no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have liked it. So first things first when you get your shipment you’ll see a lime green book, with apples and other things on it. Now when I first saw this my initial thought was “Oh my gosh what did I get myself into this is going to be so boringgggg.” Let me tell you guys looks can be deceiving. When I opened that book and seen the pages inside it was like falling in Wonderland. I’m in love with this health course it covers various things and since I want to be a midwife when I get older it came right on time. It is scheduled for three times a week other than their typical everyday science which is good since their curriculum is already pretty meaty. So with that being said, I scheduled my work for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I really enjoy this! The lessons are so detailed and since I’m an independent learner I was happy to be able to do it without the assistance of my mom. My thoughts on the lessons themselves are all good I love how they go into detail but explain concepts in a way that I can understand and I’m not left confused. My absolutely favorite part are the projects all of them are really fun but my most loved project by far was the temperament test. I enjoyed it so much I asked everyone in the house to take one. The study guides are fun to do also and since I’m not a good note taker they come in handy as my notes and I’ve done really good on my test depending solely on them. Overall this is a great wholesome curriculum that’s faith-based and fun to do. I really and truly enjoy it and I hope if you purchase it you’ll come to love it how I have. I definitely would recommend this to other teens!"

So as you can see this has been a hit in our home and I look forward to using it with my other children as they grow up as well.

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