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CLEP and DSST Test Prep Review

Did you know college credits may be earned through CLEP and DSST testing?  I did not learn that until I started preparing my oldest daughter for high school.  Like you can actually test out of college classes and receive the credit.  That blew my mind!  You mean to tell me that I spent, and still spending money on student loans to pay for classes that I could have tested out of?  Well, like the saying goes if you know better you will do better.  I will help my children do better if college is the route they decide to take.  We received a 3-month subscription to the CLEP and DSST prep materials from in exchange for our honest review.  So, let me tell you all about our experience. 

How Did We Use

My 16-year-old daughter used this program a few hours a week.   I allowed her to freely pick and choose the courses she wanted to take and she worked on them in her free time.  There was no prep work needed from me.  I am going to let her tell you a little bit about how she used it.

Mrs.  Kae - I've been trying out for a couple of weeks and I'm really enjoying it. I chose to take just two courses History and English. How it works is the subjects you choose are broken down into chapters and each chapter has lessons within it.  So I started with chapter one lesson one.  At the beginning of each lesson, there is a video lesson.   After the video, you are given a short quiz over what was just taught.  If you fail the quiz you are able to retake it, but you don't have to retake it in order to move on to the next lesson.  I have only failed one quiz and I decided to retake it so that I can be sure I am retaining the information being taught to me.  Everything that is taught in the video can be printed off if you prefer to read it rather than watch the video. It is word for word what the instructor taught in the video lesson. The quiz is the same way so if you want to write everything out you can.  There is a section within every lesson for you to type out notes if you are a note taker.   Overall I think it's a very beneficial site, especially if you plan on going to college but don't want to take extremely long classes full of information that you have already learned.  The videos were scheduled out perfectly they were not long and drawn out causing you to lose focus, but they were not too short to where the left out valuable information either. 

When you first log in your dashboard is the first thing that you see.  The dashboard is where you will find the goals that you've set, they progress you've made, the courses you are taking, your notes, and recent activity.  The dashboard helps to keep everything organized for you. 

CLEP and DSST testing are very similar in many ways the one difference that they have currently is their content. CLEP might expound on American History and Literature while DSST might expound on Vietnam History. In the past, they were very different seeing as though DSST testing was only offered to those going to the military, but now everyone can sign up for. 

I am looking forward to taking more courses on 

Our Final Thoughts

The courses on can be used as a full study course, as needed, or as a supplement to other courses or classes.  It is student-lead so there is no parent or teacher prep needed unless you want to choose the courses your child take.  I allowed my daughter to pick her own courses. There's a mobile app available as well which helps with the flexibility of the course.  The CLEP courses are about 15 to 20 hours of lesson time.  There are also flashcard drills and quizzes. is a great resource to help prepare for the CLEP and DSST exams.  The site is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.

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