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Elizabeth Prentiss - Book Review

Hey, y'all!  The kids and I have just finished reading another great read aloud, Elizabeth Prentiss More Love by Claire Williams.  Our family truly enjoyed this heartwarming story and it led to great discussions.  Elizabeth Prentiss is published by Christian Focus and is a part of the Trail Blazers series.  We received this book in exchange for our honest review.  Go grab you a cup of coffee or tea and join us as we tell you all about this inspiring story.

What We Received 

We received a physical copy of Elizabeth Prentiss.  It is a small, pocket-sized, paperback book that is 121 pages.
At the end of the book, there are thinking forward topics and a timeline of Elizabeth's life.

How We Used It

We read this book aloud as a family and we all took turns reading pages or chapters. 
It got so good at one point that we took it to the dinner table with us.

What Was The Book About

This was the story of Elizabeth Prentiss' life.  She endured many hard times and went through a lot, but through it all, she remained content and lived each day trying to do something to serve the Lord.  She was a wife and a mother and had contentment in being a that.  
This book is recommended for children 8-14.  It is suggested that if the child is 8-9 that it be read to them rather than them reading it on their own.

Our Thoughts

This book is very rich in literature and the kids and I learned a lot of new vocabulary.  There were times when they would ask what a word meant and I would stop so that they could look it up in the dictionary.


I love books like that because I find that my children will later practice using the new vocabulary in their everyday conversations.

After each chapter we discussed the kids perception of the characters.  I was impressed with their thoughts.

The timeline of the story can be difficult to follow because it was not specific or gave clues when we were going to another point in life. So, during our read aloud I would stop at those points and ask questions like how old is Elizabeth now or how many children does she have now, etc. that helped my youngest son to keep up with the storyline.

Elizabeth's story showed the meaning of Romans 8:28.  Throughout all the bad that happened in her life, she knew that it work out for the good.
She was very content in being a homemaker she did talk about how she didn’t like it at times and thought it was repetitive but she prayed and asked the Lord to help her find peace in it.  She reminded her kids that although she loves to write and help others get to know God her first calling was not to that but to being a wife and a mother.  She lost so much and went through many trials and tribulations, but she never let go of her faith in God.  She wrote many books and a hymn she wrote is still sung by many today.

I would definitely recommend this book to others.  My husband even listened in from time to time and enjoyed it.

After dinner, we all cuddled in the bed to read some more.

I asked each of our kids to share what they thought about the story.

Our 16-year-old daughter

Elizabeth Prentiss More Love is a biography about the life of Elizabeth Prentiss and how through all the ups and downs in life she still loved and obeyed God, in fact, those tribulations grew her faith in the Lord. She blessed those around her all while staying in the comforts of her own home. She never ventured out of her creation role and found joy in what and where God placed her in life. She was such an inspiration to me and many other people.  She walked with such courage and valor and I  learned a lot about contentment, gratefulness, and joy from reading her story. Her husband was a pastor whom she willingly followed everywhere and he showed her love and help while she was sick and depressed, he was her stronghold through it. He reminded her through it all that it wasn't him but it was Christ.  When she felt like she couldn't pray as often as before because she was constantly watching and caring for her small babies, he explained to her God isn't expecting her to pray constantly because He understands her role as a mom and as a wife, on the contrary, He is appreciative for the time that she is able to dedicate to him no matter how short. Annie her firstborn was like her mother in so many ways she felt the pain of losing loved ones at the tender age of six and through it all, she prayed constantly with the help of her mom and got through the hard times. From watching her parents she realized that she wants to accept Jesus and follow him willingly. From that day forward she dedicates her life to serving the Lord just as her mom did.

Our 13-year-old son

The book Elizabeth Prentiss was about a young lady named Elizabeth who loved the lord more than anything else on earth. She wanted to do everything in her power to please him and eventually got married to a man named George Prentiss who was a pastor of his own church. They had a daughter and two years later a son. They named their two kids Annie and Eddie. The son Eddie got very sick one day and was on bed rest for a long time then left home to be with the lord. Does Elizabeth stay strong in the Lord or does she give in to her emotions and lose her faith? You will just have to read the book to figure out what happens next.

Our 12-year-old daughter

The book Elizabeth Prentiss was a great book. I laughed so hard that I cried but most of it was so sad. I loved how even though some important people died in her life she still trusted God and His plan. If my mom gave me this book to read by my self I would read it. I like the way they talked in the book, it had great literature in it. Her daughter grew up to be a great woman. She had to live through some deaths of close family like her mom. I would recommend this book to everyone. I actually give this book a 9. I just wish this book was longer.

Our 10-year-old son

Elizabeth Prentiss was a good lady she loved God, she read the Bible, she listens to God, and she loves her family.

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