Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Funny Facts About My Mom

Do you remember being young talking with your siblings about your parents?  Not gossiping about them, but laughing about their funny habits.  Well, I recently asked my children what are some of my habits that they find hilarious.  Y'all, they are pretty accurate on most of these and they are pretty funny!  I laughed a while as I read them.

  • She'd rather eat a salad over a burger
  • She's scared of all types of bugs even ones that don't harm you
  • She likes to garden 
  • She likes to watch movies with us but she doesn't pay attention for the first 30 mins and then ask questions for the remaining hour on what happened the first 30 mins
  • Okay she buys us all our own snacks and we'll eat ours over the course of like two days and so you know we think okay nobody has any more snacks and then we go in her room and see her eating cookies, candy, or drinking juices and our jaws drops. 
  • she ignores most of her screen limit times she sets for herself. 
  • she hates to invite herself over peoples house but likes for people to invite themselves over our house
  • she hates to cook but loves to eat
  • she hides snack and sweets in her room but pretends she doesn't like sweets 
  • she used to like eating starch when she was pregnant with us 
  • she thinks $5.00 is a lot of money
  • She is really good at doing hair but does not like to 
  • she always gets scared when we do flips in the swimming pool (from my niece)

I hope you enjoyed this fun post.  I encourage you all to do one as well and leave the link in the comments.

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