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EdAlive - Math and Typing Fun - Review

Can y'all believe we are already near the summer?  I'm still trying to figure out where did the time go.  Although we school year round here at Cooks Christian Academy, our summers are lighter.  I like to make sure they are still learning something but without a lot of book work.  The kids recently spent some time brushing up on their typing and math skills with EdAlive.  We received a one-year subscription to their Typing Tournament Online and Maths Invaders Online in exchange for our honest review.  Using the Typing Tournament has been like having a Typing Tutor in our home and Math Invaders has been a great way for them to get some extra math practice in.  Go grab your coffee or tea and come sit with us for a while so that we can tell you all about them.

What We Received

We received a one-year subscription to EdAlive's Typing Tournament Online and Maths Invaders Online for 3 children.

About EdAlive

EdAlive is an online program that is geared to teaching your children in a way that best works for them and their unique learning abilities. They have tons of activities to ensure that your child is never bored and is fascinated with learning. Each child gets his or her own log-in so they can work at their own pace.  This program is great for homeschool or public school children.  This company is out of Australia, so you will see and hear British English when browsing their website and using their programs.   

About Typing Tournament Online

Typing Tournament Online is a Medieval-Themed typing course.  It is like having a typing tutor in your home.  It is a complete, 10-finger typing course, recommended for ages 6 - adult.  This program is also set up in a game format making it fun for children.  You will travel through 16 medieval places.  The places represent the levels and each level introduces new keys.  The levels include a lesson, practice, 3 drills, games, and a test.  Before starting your child is able to select a WPM goal that they hope to achieve after completing the program.  They will each have their own user name and password.

Our Thoughts and How We Used It

We did not spend a lot of time on this program, because this is a course I plan to add to their summer work.  I like the set up of this program, it is not overwhelming and the reinforcement of the drills help to prepare the child for the test.  They do not have to take the test if they don't feel confident enough to do so they can repeat the lesson as many times as they would like before they take the test.  The one thing that I notice one of my kids complain about was the time lessons.  She said it made her a little nervous because she would see the green bar approaching so she would start to make mistakes.  

The timer is the green highlight over the words at the top.

Other than they that we all love everything about this program.  This would be easy to incorporate into daily lessons and should only take about 15- 20 minutes to complete.  Our plan is to spend 3 days a week this summer completing this program.  They each have set a WPM goal that they would like to achieve and plan to work hard at meeting it.  

They have printable certificates available to show you how your child did on their test.

I asked each of the kids what they thought about Typing Tournament Online and this is what they said.

Son - I, T Cooks the first, think that the typing program should be more fun and games like math invaders. I also think that it is good for beginning typers who are not used to typing on a computer. It is a really good learning source, but not easy. Sincerely, T Cooks the first.

Son - It's a good program for people who like typing. I like that you learn to type and learn the keys on the keyboard. 

Daughter -  I did a couple of lessons and I enjoyed it.  Each quest has a lesson followed by 3 drills after you complete those you complete a test. I like it because you can customize your own goals and you earn badges for reaching certain points. 

Nowadays, you can do everything from your cell phone, so many kids do not know how to type properly.  I am so grateful for a program that not teaches children how to type and improve their typing speed but also makes it fun so that they want to do it.

About Maths Invaders Online

Maths Invaders Online is a mastery learning program that offers a variety of math concepts, in the form of a game.  As the child masters a concept the program moves them on to the next concept.  It encourages and helps children master mental math.  It is recommended for children ages 5-15.  Some of the concepts covered are addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentage, square roots, and more.  Each child has their own user login and password.  When they log on they are able to select a level to start on, their math problems will be based on their level choice.

Our Thoughts and How We Used It

All of my children that used this likes it and have not complained about it at all, in fact, they ask for screen time so that they can "play".  They look at it as a game and don't seem to realize they are actually doing school work.  They each have their own user name and password so they logged on and worked with little to no help from me.  It reminds me of the arcade game, Galaga from when I was younger so it caught my attention quick.  They have a ship at the bottom of the screen and have to shoot the invaders at the top.  The invaders are math problems, so they need to type in the correct answer to shoot the invader down, but the need to be careful because the invaders move in closer to them each time they miss.  

They loved watching each other race to finish.  We actually started on a lower level than we should have, but it was great for extra practice.

They worded some of the equations different than the normal 9+9 which required a little more thinking.  I liked this!

The used the term "double 9" instead of 9+9

You have the ability to print worksheets as well for extra practice.  You can decide which concepts you would like to be included and you can rearrange the questions and see the correct answers.  This was great for "car-schooling" days.  

This is a fraction worksheet before I printed it off.

I asked each of my kiddos what they thought about Maths Invaders Online and this is what they had to say.

Son - I, T Cooks the first, think that this Math invader game is pretty legit. I honestly thought it was going to be boring at first but I gave it a try and I like it. I would recommend it to other kids my age because it is fun learning and fun playing. Sincerely, T Cooks the first.

Son - It is a good math game for kids and teenagers it has fun learning!  I like to play it every day.  I hope you have fun playing it too.

Daughter - I like how they made this into a game instead of giving it to me as schoolwork.  It makes me learn a lot faster, especially with memorizing my facts.  This is a great way to help me learn my math facts!  I give this a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10.

I planned to use this a few times a week, however, the kids enjoy it so much, I decided to let them use it whenever they like.  We will definitely be using this over the summer for extra math practice.  

There are many other families that have used and written reviews about their experience with EdAlive, so be sure to click the banner below so you can check out their reviews.  Leave them a comment and let them know I sent you over.

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