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The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls - Books 3 and 4 Book Review

Hey, Y'all!  The kids and I are back with an awesome book review, just for you!  This series is one of the kids' favorite.  We all love to read for the most part and we are always looking for a good book to listen to or curl up on the couch and read. It can get tough sometimes trying to find appropriate books that are entertaining and give good life lessons or morals.  I was very curious when we were offered the opportunity to read books 3 and 4 of The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series from WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group.  We had never heard of the series or of the author, M.J. Thomas, so I did some research.  Needless to say, I was impressed, so go grab your coffee and join us as we take you back to Bible days.

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What we Received

We were given Book 3 The Great Escape and Book 4 Journey to Jericho of The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series.  We did receive the physical, paperback books. The books ranged from thirteen chapters to fifteen chapters.

About The Series

This a fictional series based off of non-fictional Bible events. We will follow brother and sister Peter and Mary who are staying with their great-uncle Solomon for a month while their parents are away in Africa. They assumed the summer would be boring until they found the scrolls. The scrolls are supposed to prove that the Biblical events are true. In order to find the secrets of the hidden scrolls, they have to go back in time to the days of the Bible.  They must solve the hidden message on the scroll within a certain time frame if they want to return.  If you want to join them on these adventures you have to grab the book and start reading. Great things are waiting in store, as soon as you hear the lion's roar.

What The Books Were About

Book 3 - The Great Escape

Book three was about Moses and the Israelites in Egypt. It follows Mary and Peter as they live through the ten plagues from inside of Pharoah's Palace. They befriend Pharoah's daughter and defend God from the inside even when staying with people who believe otherwise. They survive dehydration, frogs, and gnats all while trying to solve the message and keep the enemy, Satan, from succeeding.

Book 4 - Journey to Jericho

We are back with Peter, Mary, and Hank and in this book, we join them on the border of Jericho. They are with Joshua and have come to be of assistance in conquering the promised land, they come really close to being trap back in time because they almost didn't solve the hidden message. Here the enemy, Satan, has a better disguise but is no match for the intelligent kids and their dog, Hank. Eventually, with the perseverance, they solve the secret of the scroll and help the Israelites conquer Jericho.

Our Final Thoughts

As I said earlier, we weren't familiar with the author or this series soI decide to grab the first and second book.  We read those first and let me tell you after the first book we were all hooked, even my husband was into the story.  I think each book does a great job telling the different Bible stories and staying true to the Bible. These books reminded our family of another children's series that we have read, but these are with a Biblical perspective.  This series would make a great addition to your Bible time, of course, read the scripture that it correlates with, or just a fun read aloud to read to your children.  It is suggested for children age 6-9, but mine are 10-15 and they all really enjoyed the stories.  They were begging me to order the next book in the series, so of course, we are now waiting on its arrival!  M.J. Thomas did an excellent job taking us back in time to the stories of the Bible!  This series would be a great way to introduce younger kids to the stories and events of the Bible along with the Scripture.

I wasn't reading fast enough, so she started reading on her own.  

Here is what my children had to say about book 3 and 4.

My 10-year-old son said, "I like the books but I don't like Satan, he's always trying to get the scrolls, but Michael the angel always helps to stop Satan. Mary, Peter, and Hank go on adventures back in time to the Bible days to solve the messages on the hidden scrolls.  My favorite part is when Hank ran the soldiers away from Peter."

My 12-year-old daughter said, "The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls was a really good series. I like how the brother and sister worked together. I wish that there were more books. Even though it is for 6 to 9-year-old children, it sparked my interest. I think that it can be a good Bible series to teach kids about the stories in the Bible.  I  like how the angel was always there when they needed him.  I also like how the Uncle read them the Bible stories.

My favorite part was when they got to meet the princess and were able to stay in the castle.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 9. I would recommend this book to all children."

My 13-year-old son said, "I like The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls. They always had a good adventure. I mainly like how they could travel back in time to see events that took place in the Bible. Peter is my favorite character, he is funny and always has his sister's back. I like how their uncle always read them the rest of the stories from the Bible.
My favorite part of the book was when Peter, Mary, and Hank had to sneak out of Rohad's window to get out of the city of Jericho."

My 15-year-old daughter said, "I absolutely loved this series and was bummed that the other books aren't published.  I am patiently waiting...   This was one of the best cartoon, biblical-based, series I've read. The author did a great job bringing the characters to life and telling these all-time favorite Bible stories in a new, yet still original way.  I loved how he stayed true to the original stories of the Bible, yet adding a modern spin to it.  I give this a 10/10 and can't wait for the next books to be published."

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