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Entrepreneurship and Money Management for Kids - Review

Entrepreneurship and money management is something we have talked a lot about with our children.  All around us we see people just spend, spend, spend, and go into debt.  This is not the way of living we want our children to adapt to, so we started discussing these things with them at a young age.  Our oldest son started showing more interest in spending money about a year or so ago.  He knows how hard my husband works to provide for us, so he is very careful with how he approaches his dad when asking for things.  He began working with my husband at the age of 12 and saved his money to buy an iPad.  During the time he was working and saving he made sure he paid tithes.  This was something he started doing on his own without being asked because he had watched my husband do it for so many years he knew it was something he needed to do.  We were so proud of him!  Soon his job came to an end because there was no more work.  He asked his dad if he could start his own business.  My husband and I were both shocked but knew this was something he wanted to do.  He wanted to make money just like his father.  The opportunity for us to review The Complete Starter Kit from The Kingdom Code could not have come at a better time!  This curriculum is designed to help teach children how to make and manage money in a Biblical way.  It is helping us help our son learn that there's more to entrepreneurship than making money.   Go grab your cup of coffee or tea, a notebook, and something to write with so we can tell you all about our experience with The Kingdom Code.

What We Received

We received The Complete Starter Kit from The Kingdom Code, which is their most popular product.
It came with the textbook, student's packet, and the teacher's guide.  That is everything you need to teach one child The Kingdom Code curriculum.  In addition to that Aunt Jimmie, who is the author of this curriculum, was so kind and sent us some bonus items as well, the JR KCK Budget Kit and the Kingdom Code coloring book, which we will be hosting a giveaway for on our Instagram page.

What is Kingdom Code  

The Kingdom Code was designed to show kids how to make and manage money God's way.  It is an elective curriculum designed as a 34-week course or 2 semesters.  It is intended to be used twice a week for 45 minutes.  It is Biblically based and uses Bible verses in every lesson.
The first 8 lessons require guidance from the parent because the child is working on building a business from the ground up.  Lessons 9-27 all refer back to their businesses.  They begin learning how to keep a ledger, determine an income statement, make calls and write thank you notes to customers, recall customers, analyze their businesses, and market a product.

Textbook - The textbook is 244-pages and it is spiral bound.  In my opinion, this is the meat of the curriculum.  My son and I read the assigned pages together because he said he liked it better when we read through it together because it made it easier for him to understand and because he enjoyed my side commentary.
This can definitely be read alone by the child, however.

Student Packet - The Student Packet contains the consumable part.  The pages are loose leaf and already has the 3-hole-punch for binder storage.  We divided these up as the Teacher's Guide instructed us into a 3-ring binder.

Teacher's Guide - The Teacher's Guide also came loose leaf like the Student Packet.  I would prefer it to be spiral bound like the textbook because it makes it easier to use, pack and store.  It contains everything you need to teach The Kingdom Code.

How We Used It

When my son decided to start up his business it took off faster than we expected, therefore, we covered things that were taught in later lessons.  So we did not necessarily skip around but I read ahead a few lessons to discuss things with my son. For example, he already had a bank account because of his previous job however, since he had direct deposit he had no need to go to the bank.  We have made several trips to the bank and he has learned how to fill out a deposit slip and how to deposit cash and checks.  He also learned how to divide his money using the JOEYS system. Jesus 10%, Others 5%, Education 10% You 60%, Savings 15%.

We would do this each time after he got paid.  Other than that we followed the Teacher's Guide and spent about 1-2 days on each lesson.
Each lesson has 8 primary sections, Proclamation - a Biblical Principle, Check Your Path - this is where they will find their assigned worksheet, Quest For The Clue - introduction to the theme and goals of the lesson, Code of Honor - teaches the Target Skill of the lesson through the Character Code, Treasure Seeking - continues to develop the theme and goals of the lesson though stories, ideas, activities, and more, On Your Own - includes activities and projects necessary to understand and complete the lesson,

One of the Own Your Own projects

Kingdom Keys - is a review of the entire lesson, Congratulations - the end of each lesson children get a sticker to add to their treasure map, and Bonus Code Work - optional projects to supplement the lesson. 

My Son's Business

As I stated above the intention of the first few lessons will be focusing on helping the child build a business from the ground up.  My son started a lawn service, Cooks Cuts.   He has had 5 different clients and 2 of them he has the pleasure of returning weekly.

My son hard at work

Trip to the bank

He even took the time out to teach his younger brother.

He quickly learned that owning a business comes with responsibility.  He paid to replace this after he broke it.  

His appointment book to keep up with his appointments

Final Thoughts

Although she is not using this curriculum, my 16-year-old daughter looked it over to give her opinion of what she thought about it.  Here is what she had to say.  "I think this is a great curriculum to help children get an understanding of money, how it works, and how you can make it. It is faith centered and gives you valuable lessons you can learn from the Bible. It has bright and vibrant colors and is very attention-grabbing.  It is easy to follow and interactive. The lessons aren't very long and can be completed in no time.  I was able to assist my mom is the initial setup.  Setting up the binder was also an easy task and the instructions were very easy to follow throughout the whole thing. They even took the extra step and included great business options. I love how they are empowering entrepreneurs from a young age showing you it doesn't matter how young or old you are you can start your own business, be your own boss, and make your own money.  I had the opportunity to meet the creators of this amazing curriculum at our local homeschool convention and Aunt Jimmie is the sweetest ever!"

I have enjoyed working side by side with my son as he builds his own business!  Seeing his excitement when he is handed is money melts my heart.  He even once mentioned how it felt good to have worked so hard to earn money for himself.  My husband and I are so proud of him.  The program has a Medieval feel to it.  The pictures and details that have gone into pages are remarkable!  I normally don't like parent intensive curriculum however The Kingdom Code makes every second worth it!  I can't wait to see how far he goes with this.

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  13. I look forward to watching his business flourish and I know your others have great ideas that are ready to be cultivated.

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