Tuesday, October 13, 2020

What Are We Reading? - October 2020

Hey, y'all!  I know it has been a LONG time since my last post, but it was a nice, much needed break.  So, how are y'all?  How is your school year going so far?  We started our school year a little later than normal, but we are back in the swing of things, thankfully.
Well, here is what we are reading this month.  

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What am I reading aloud to my kids?

I am currently reading The Door in the Wall to the crew, however, this will not get us through the entire month, so once we finish it we will read Dangerous Journey The Story of Pilgrim's Progress.   I am not sure if we will get to it this month, but if not you will see it in next month's post, The Whipping Boy. There is also a movie based on the book, so we will be watching it afterwards.  

My 12th-grade daughter

Y'all, I can't believe this is her last year of High School!  Anyway, she is finishing up Co. Aytch, A Civil War Narrative.  We were discussing it today and she said it is definitely not her favorite so she is looking forward to it be over.  She is not a huge "history person" so I can see why this one is low on her list.  I will let you know if her mind changes when she finishes the book, in next month's post. She is going to jump into Mark Twain's Humorous Stories and Sketches, next.  

My 9th-grade son

He just finished reading Robin Hood yesterday, and it was a page turner for him.  If you are studying the Middle Ages this year you should add this one to your reading list.
I just ordered Adam of the Road and he will be starting that as soon as it arrives.  From what I've read I think he will enjoy this one as well.


My 8th-grade daughter

She throughly enjoyed reading I Survived the Destruction of Pompeii.  I was surprised when she decided to read this one, because my oldest son raved about this entire series for 2 years and she showed no interest at all.  Anyway, if you are looking for a good historical fiction you should definitely check out the I Survived Series.  It has been a huge hit around here.


She is now reading The Imagination Station Attack at the Arena and should be finished with it soon.

My 6th-grade son

He is almost finished with Benjamin Franklin: Young Printer.  He seems to be very intrigued, in fact, he recently collected one of our chicken's feather from outside and then asked if he could watch a video on how to make ink.  I love it when they find activities, on their own, based on what they are reading about.


He is also reading The Magic Tree House Warriors in the Winter.  I haven't heard much feed back on this one, but I will keep you posted on if it is a winner or not.

What I am reading

Surprisingly, I am not currently reading anything, and I am not sure if I will have the time this month to do so or not.  However, my husband is reading Eat Rich Live Long.  He is sharing so much with me about it that I feel like I am the one reading.  He is not a big reader at all so it has to be good. This is actual a book I order a while back that was recommended to me, but I only got to skimmed through it, so this is a nice bonus for me.


I hope you and your family are able to enjoy some of the books we have recommended.  Let me know if you have already read any of them and if so what you thought about them.  
I am looking to add more books about the Middle Ages to our booklist so if you have any suggestions please share them in the comments.   I would also love to hear what you all are reading as well.
Thanks for stopping by I hope you have a fantastic day! 

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