Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Are you Ready for the Upcoming Homeschool Year?

When a new school year is approaching for us homeschool moms our minds tend to go at 100 miles per hour.  We have so many awesome ideas for the new year, so many things to get done, so many plans, and in the mist of all that comes a little bit of stress, sometimes.  I think it's because we feel like we need to be like the "have it all together homeschool moms" on Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media accounts.  You know the ones that have the perfect homeschool room, spotless house, they even have their homeschool year all planned out before they finish the current year?!  I always wondered how in the world they did it!  I mean and still be able to keep up with the house, spend time with their husband, spend time with the kids, spend time with friends, etc.  I still have no idea but I do know I am NOT that mom and my children are not those children! You know what else I know?  I know that we all have the same amount of hours in a day and what we decide to do with them is up to us.  I like to spend my hours stress-free and for me trying to perfect everything is stressful.  Who has time for stress?  I know I don't!  If I go into my new school year stressed out we will have a stressful school year.  As a mom, the same way we set the tone for our home also applies to how we set the tone for our children's education.  The kids know when there is something wrong with mama.  I know you don't want to add any extra stress to you or your children, right?   After all, school is supposed to be fun not stressful!!  This post is apart of Andrea's, from All The Homeschool Things, Ready, Set, Homeschool blog party.  That is where you can find the rest of my post and trust me you don't want to miss this.  So head on over to Ready, Set, Homeschool blog and see what I have left you there.  You can find the full article here.

In case you were wondering what the Ready, Set Homeschool blog party is, it is where you will find 15 days of tips and hacks to prepare you for the upcoming school year.  So what are you waiting on, why are you still here?  Hurry and head on over and don't forget to enter the giveaway!!

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  1. Good luck with this new homeschool year! It takes a special patience to do it.