Monday, October 15, 2018

Our 9th Grade Year Wrap Up - Homeschool Edition

When I started homeschooling, my oldest daughter was starting her 6th-grade year.  I had no idea what I was doing, and high school wasn't even on my radar.  As the years went by, who am I kidding, as they flew by, I started wondering how was I going to homeschool her through high school.  I started researching and looking into what she would need, transcripts, credits, colleges, etc.  I was so overwhelmed and started to freak out.  I even started to doubt myself.  I remember feeling there is no way I can do this. NO WAY!  My husband encouraged me a lot, and I begin to pray, and then finally I stopped researching.  I remembered that God gave me this child and He knew I was able to do this.  So when her freshman year started, we just jumped in.  You can find what our plans were HERE.   This first year has been a real blessing and we have learned so much, not only academically, but also spiritually, and about each other.  By focusing more on her and not what everyone else suggested was needed for a freshman, I was able to see her strengths and weaknesses and help her overcome obstacles.  This has been one of the most rewarding homeschool years, and it has nothing to do with how smart she is, and she is pretty smart if I may say so myself.
I asked my daughter if she would share how her 9th grade school year went, with you all, and she said yes.  So her is the lovely Mrs. Kae!

I've finally finished my ninth grade year.   I'm so excited to be moving on to my Sophomore Year, but before I can do that, of course, I have to give you guys an overview of how it went.  I used My Father's World, Ancient History and Literature, and loved every bit of it.
I took a ton of breaks this year, so it stretched my year out, but that's ok that's one of the benefits of being homeschooled.  Am I right?  I read the WHOLE Old Testament, and I learned about the history of that time period. It was very mind-boggling, especially when I got to the genealogy of the Bible it took me a while to pronounce the names but I think I did okay. This year really helped me spiritually! I  felt the overall growth the most when I was going through the Daniel's challenge.
My overall year was really good.  This was the first year we took an actual summer break, as in the entire three months off.  I think it was much needed because we were all burnt out, or at least I was.
My only goal for this year was to get through ninth grade, and I did, for that, I'm proud of my self.

Working hard on this Algebra lesson

This new school year I want to stay on schedule.  I want to pace myself and not rush through it, but take every day, one day at a time.  More than anything I want to have fun.  I went through so much last year and the first half of this year,  that I lost sight of what really matters, not school but life lessons, the memories I make, and the lives I impact by being the salt and the light I was called to be.  I want this year to be memorable, not me looking back and saying "what if" but instead, saying "yes, I said I wanted to do that, and I did it."  I want to live life to the fullest (still following the guidelines my parents set for me though), and I make myself a better person.  I want to be kind to those around me, allowing God's light to shine through me.  That is what I regret from this past year, not being able to do more for people, but hey that's what next year is for, right?
So, last year was pretty good, although I wish to make this year better and I hope this year makes me better.

Goodbye 9th Grade!

What Curriculum I Used

I used many things throughout the year but here are the main curricula that we stuck with.

My Father's World AHL - Bible, History, and Literature

So have you started homeschooling a high schooler yet?  What have you learned along the way?  I love to converse with you all, in the comment section below, so feel free to comment!
Thank you so much for stopping by today!  I really hope this post and our entire blog is a blessing to you and your family!


  1. ah, you used fallacy detective for grade nine? I think I will to then... I have it, might as well use it!

    1. We did! My daughter didn't complain about it, and she learned a lot of lessons from it. Let me know how you all like it.

  2. This is great! Some good ideas for the future for our two younger children. Our teen is in 10th grade this year.