Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Dear Moms of Girls - Wordless Wednesday

Today's Wordless Wednesday won't be so wordless.  Today, I just want to encourage you to encourage your daughters!  There are so many influences out there in the world, so many trends to follow, and don't let me get started on the social media world.  My oldest daughter made a post last week about staying true to you and she doesn't even realize how much that post blessed me.  I remember being the girl at school trying to fit in with the crowd, changing who I was just to feel accepted!  That is something I never wanted my girls to go through.  So I make sure as their mom, to pray for them and let them know daily that they are each known, loved, and accepted.

Something I tell or ask them often is... How can you expect people to love you for who you are if you are busy trying to be someone else?   OR everyone else is already taken so just be you, that is who God called you to be anyway.

Here are some verses that will help you when you are reminding them that they are Known, Loved, and Accepted.

You Are Known

Jeremiah 1:5
Psalm 139:13-16
Galatians 1:15

You Are Loved

John 3:16
Isaiah 43:1-3

You Are Accepted

Isaiah 49:16
Romans 15:7

Moms, you must pray for your daughters, pray with them, encourage them, and let them see how wonderful it is to be God's daughter.  Ensure them He is not looking at their size, color, the latest fashion, etc. they are known by Him, loved by Him, and Accepted by Him.  Of course, your husband, their father has a major role in all of this and in them knowing who they are, but I am a mom so I am encouraging you from a mom's point of view.

I pray this was encouraging to you and that you were able to take something from it!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!  Before you leave please share ways you help encourage your girls, and scripture that helps encourage you.

Have a blessed day, moms of girls!

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