Monday, July 15, 2019

Life Chat

Hey, y’all!  It has been a little while since I’ve posted a chatty post.  I really thought I would be doing a lot of writing this summer however our entire summer has been so full. We’ve had family come into town, church events, house repairs, and the most time consuming, yet, most exciting is that my older son started his own business. So, I have been busier than I expected this summer, therefore, causing me to neglect my blog.  I appreciate y’all for being so patient with me as I open up this new chapter of life, being the mom of an entrepreneur.   Just when I thought I had a good routine down it changed, again! -Insert my sigh here- LOL

That’s what I want to chat with you y’ all about today, being available for the changes that life brings.  A lot of time we get complacent and comfortable with the way things are going. We get used to “our” routine.  We don’t welcome change gracefully because we are ok with how things are at the moment.  
God sees all and knows all.  We can’t get too comfortable that we are no longer in His will for our life.  We have to make sure we are ready and available for when God needs to use us. 
So, I just want to encourage each one of you, to not get so busy that you are not available for the plans that God has for your life. In fact, you should make sure you are living according to God’s will for your life. 

I hope you all have  blessed day and I will "see" you next time!


  1. What an excellent message to share. I agree that we all get so busy we forget to take time to breathe and appreciate the changes that force us to break that monotonous day to day so that we can see the bigger picture.

  2. "I just want to encourage each one of you, to not get so busy that you are not available for the plans that God has for your life." Amen! We need margin in our lives to connect to Jesus and ask Him what He wants us to be doing. Sometimes it's just abiding in His presence.

  3. Amen! We all live busy lives and we do need to stop and take a breath to enjoy what God has given us.

  4. Awesome message!! Slowing down and just enjoying life and listening to those oh so gentle nudges from God are a must!! tfs

  5. So true! It's so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and forget to look up. Be blessed my friend.

  6. Yes! In a world obsessed with “me” we have to lay our plans at the feet of Jesus and surrender to His will!