Tuesday, July 7, 2015

About the Cooks

Hello there and welcome to My Life as Mrs. Cooks.

About Me:  My name is Markie Cooks, I am a wife and homeschool mom to 4 beautiful children.  If anyone would have told me a year ago this is what my life would be like in a year I would have called their bluff.  Life now is not what I planed at all but it is where God wants me to be so, knowing that I am following his path and not my own makes me happy and content.  HA it's funny I used that word, CONTENT, this to is something I would not have known I'd be a year ago.  Ok, ok back to the basics....  I have been married for 7 years to my best friend and the most amazing man that I know, Mr. Cooks.  I have 4 awesome kids, Big Girl 12, Big Boy 9 3/4 (in his words), Baby Girl 8, and Baby Boy 6 and yes I homeschool them all.  OH, I almost forgot our fury child Ruby the Chorkie.

About My Blog:  My Life as Mrs.Cooks is a blog about my journey as a wife and a homeschool mom.  I will discuss how and why my husband and I made the decision to pull or children out of the public school system, my day-to-day experiences, how I've overcome the obstacles, and so much more about my life as Mrs. Cooks.

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