Monday, July 27, 2015

Homeschool Rooms Are Not Always Perfect

As I was sitting here looking around our school area  I noticed how messy and disorganized it is.  I thought I just cleaned it up last week.  Wow!  Do I clean and reorganize it now, or just continue about our day?  Ugh, the life of a homeschool mom!

   Most homeschool room tours or blogs you see always show how neat, organized, and well put together the room is.  Then, we look at ours and get discouraged or overwhelmed.  DON'T FALL for the hype! Let me let you in on a little secret, it  is not always in tip top shape. That's right, it is not!  The struggle is real for all of us. There's no getting around it we all have those messy days.  Some days, are better than others just don't set this high expectation that it will be in order all the time everyday.  There will be days when it will look like this..

and that's ok.  I promise it is! Don't be discourage or feel like a failure. 
 Take a deep breath, inhale, exhale!   Now that your at ease, schedule a day each week to do a thorough cleaning of  your area.  Have the kids put away their belongings and supplies that they used at the end of each school day.  Each kid is responsible for their own things.  Make it out of a game if that helps.  I call this a maintenance clean, this will help make your weekly deep clean a whole lot easier and less stressful.
Well I must be going now so that I can do my deep clean.  (sigh)
Does your   homeschool area ever get messy?  What's your cleaning routine for that area?

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