Sunday, July 26, 2015


The Cooks are a family of six all born and raised in the South.   We enjoy family time, hanging out with our close friends, sports, laughing, and just being around each other. Please join us in our journey of following Christ, homeschooling, and becoming more healthy together as a family.

Walter's the provider, husband, daddy, protector, and priest. He has set the foundation of our family according to the Word of God and he is our everything.
Markie's  the submissive wife, mama, nurturer, teacher, and whatever else her husband and children need her to be. Walter and she have been married for 7 years and look forward to many, many more.

Kaela is  the oldest of the crew, she loves cooking, all animals, and volleyball. She's 12 going into the 7th grade and is mommy's big helper.
Trae is mommy's big boy who loves video games, reptiles, and basketball. He helps keep everyone in line when daddy's not home.  He is 9 and going to the 4th grade.
Niah the  baby girl, little Ms. Bossy, she enjoys gymnastics, playing with her dolls, and spending time with her best friend. She is 8 and is going into the 3rd grade.
Elijah is the baby of the crew who loves learning new things, annoying his older siblings, playing with his toys, and playing basketball. He is 6 going into the 1st grade.

Then there's Ruby our fury one, the Chorkie.  She enjoys the outdoors and loves barking around orders.


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