Friday, January 19, 2018

Homeschool Family Week in the Life Jan. 13 - Jan. 19

You guys seem to have enjoyed our last Week in the Life blog post, so I decided to keep it going.  Hopefully, I can keep up with this. LOL You can check out what we did last week here.  This week was a tad bit busier than last week even though it was freezing here in Texas.

Saturday, January 13 
We went to a local bookstore, Half Price Books, with a friend.  This was not just any Half Price Book, no, this was a huge one.  It was the size of a small grocery store!  I admit it was a bit overwhelming because I love, love, love books and there were books everywhere!  They even had a small cafe in there.  We picked up a few new books to read aloud, which I will be sharing with you all later.  We also did some shopping for birthday gifts.  Our kids were invited to a few birthday parties, so we took advantage of our free time and did some shopping.

Sunday, January 14
Church!  After church, we went to have lunch with a few friends.  It was nice to not have to come home and cook, however, this is the second Sunday that I missed my Sunday nap.  This can not turn into a habit! LOL!  In all seriousness, we had a really good time.  There is nothing like good ole' fellowship.

Monday, January 15
Back to School!  My niece and nephew were out of school for MLK Day so they came over and joined us for school.  In history we have been learning about Athens, so we made coins from Athens.  The kids love arts and crafts so they really enjoyed this.  I cut up some cardboard in the shape of circles, the kids wrapped the circles in foil, and then drew an owl and wrote three Greek letters on it.  I can't take credit for this fun and simple craft, it was suggested by, My Father's World, our curriculum. They took it a step farther and created their own coin as well.  They are so much more creative than I am.  We also enjoyed coloring as well.

Tuesday, January 16
Our oldest daughter takes a Veterinarian class through our local  4-H program.  They had a meeting on Tuesday, so we all bundled up and went.  I was secretly hoping they canceled it due to weather, it was freezing.  She's the President for this term so she leads the meetings.  They learned about dehorning, castrating, and docking, poor animals.

Wednesday, January 17
Breakfast was amazing!  Our youngest daughter is in charge of making breakfast for the family.  She made a bomb breakfast sandwich I had sausage, egg, and cheese on mine.  Delicious!!
We also had Lego fun day and the kids had to get creative and make lego villages.  What kid doesn't like legos?!?

Thursday, January 18
Library Day!  It was homeschool day at the library so we meet some friends up there for the class.
  The instructor taught about hibernation and the kids got to pick animals that hibernate and create their habitat.  If you are following me over on Instagram you may have seen the picture we shared over there.  The girls then started on a project they are working on with a friend, for their Barbie dolls.  The boys got an idea from their friend's mom and decided to make a backdrop area for their lego adventures.  I will share pictures when they complete them.

Friday, January 19
Homeschool Co-op PE Day Our homeschool Co-op met up at a basketball gym for a fun game of dodgeball and some free play.  The girls dominated the boys in dodgeball!! Ok, maybe it was a tie, but girls still rule. LOL We had a ball and got in plenty of cardio.

Thanks so much for stopping by and hanging out with me for a little bit.  How was your week?  Did you do anything exciting?

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