Thursday, January 25, 2018

Conquer the Homeschool Slump - Getting back on Track

January is slowly coming to an end and you still haven't got your homeschool back on track.  Please, don't feel bad you are not alone.  There's many of us that are still struggling to get our life together.  I just may be one of them.  This cold weather is not helping at all!  Thankfully we have some warmer weather here in Texas.

It was about a month ago when I shared some tips on how to get over the back to school blues, with you all.  Many of you really enjoyed that post so, today I have some more tips to share with you.  We have three back to back holidays at the end of the year going into a new year, there's Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then New Year's Day, so I get that after all that holiday fun with friends and family it can be very hard to get back  on task in your homeschool, for you and your little ones.  So to add to the tips that I posted last month (you can check those tips out here) I'm giving you three more simple, yet very helpful tips to get you motivated.  Us homeschooling mamas have gots to stick together!  So go ahead and grab you a cup of coffee or maybe some tea and join me over at Outmatched Mama where I will be sharing these tips.  I was given the privilege of guest posting for her 31 days to Conquer the Homeschool Slump blog party.  So head on over there and I'll see you there.

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