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Smart Kidz Radio- Review

We take great caution in the music we allow our children to listen to so I was hesitant at first about the idea of reviewing Smart Kidz Radio from Smart Kidz Media.  However, my interest was peaked when I saw they offered original songs and stories that teach valuable life skills.  So because of that, I jumped in.    

Again, because we are very cautious about the music we allow our children to listen to I gave it a try first.  

What we Received

We had the opportunity to review Smart Kidz Radio.  It is a free online radio station, geared towards kids.  As part of the review, we were able to listen to some of the on-demand programs. 

Smart Kidz Radio

What is Smart Kidz Radio

Smart Kidz Radio is an edutainment radio station for kids that offers songs and stories that teach kids life skills.  The on-demand programs, which you have to purchase, offer stories like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Noah's Ark, and many stories on life-skills and encouraging positive self-esteem.  You can also listen to some stories for free in the podcast area.

My Thoughts

 After listening in to a few songs I finally allowed the children to listen in.  My children are ages 9 to 15 and they were not interested in the stories.  So I would say this would be geared more toward the 7 and under age group and that still depends on your child.  I am sure that my niece will really enjoy listening while she plays with her toys during our school time.  Please be aware that there was a mention in one of the songs things about magic.  Even though my children were not interested I still played the station during breakfast time so we could listen in.  Each day we heard the same songs so I want to say that it may be played on a loop, but I am not sure 100%.  I was only able to stream from my laptop.  I did try to gain access from my iPhone but I was unable to.  I am not tech savvy so I am almost positive this is an error on my end.  So overall this wasn't a hit for my kids because of their age, but I know the younger crowd will really enjoy it, my niece is one of them.

Smart Kidz Radio

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