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Forensic Faith For Kids - Children's Book Review

David C Cook along with Case Makers Academy sent us Forensic Faith for Kids to read and review.  Do you guys ever struggle with making Bible fun? I know a lot of times it can be a bit confusing for younger kids to understand. Even though I typically do an excellent job at explaining it to my kids and they understand it pretty well, I'm always looking for ways to "spice it up" but still hold true to what the Bible actually states. So when I received the email to review Forensic Faith for Kids I was ecstatic especially since we are already familiar with the author.  J Warner Wallace did a great job at explaining Jesus to and his identity in a way that younger kids could understand.
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What we received

We received a paperback copy of Forensic Faith for Kids written by Jim and his wife Susie Wallace, and it was published by David C Cook. The book was 160 pages with activities that go along with it. We didn't get to the online projects, but I'm sure they were intriguing.

What was the book about 

The reader was about some young junior detectives working on two separate cases. One of the cases is dealing with a young boy and a search to find the owner of a missing dog. The other case is dealing with faith and how to defend what you believe about  Jesus. This case is lead by a young girl apart of the junior detectives who is trying to help her friend and protect her faith as a young boy question is Jesus who he never stated he was.

How We Used It

I started off reading the book with the children, but after a chapter or two I handed the book over to my oldest daughter who took over and completed the reader. We didn't read it any particular way or scheduled it out over a period of time we just freely read the book.

Our Opinions  

My 15yr old daughter said, " The book was a really nice read. I enjoy Mr. Wallace and had the pleasure of meeting him in real life at a convention a few years back and even received a signed copy of one of his books that he wrote.  Overall the book was pretty spot on the only thing I didn't agree with is the fact that he states Jesus is God. I noticed in the book one of the kid's struggle is that they couldn't find anywhere where Jesus claimed to be God. That's because He isn't God, he's God's son a piece of the Trinity that makes up God's divine power.  Other than that like I said the book was great and I loved how he used scripture to back up his claim."

My 13yr old son said, "I think this was a really great story. I would suggest this story to other kids my age, I really like how they made sure they added Jesus to the story, by making there a person named Marco who thinks Jesus was just another man. There were three amazing kids in this story named Hannah, Tiana, and Jason who knew Marco. The three kids wanted,  to help make Marco into a Christian, however, Marco was the type of person who needed proof of these things, so the three kids asked their detective instructor to help them go on a hunt to prove Christ is God."

My 11yr old daughter said, "I like the book. I enjoy how it was about God, but he made it into a detective story. I did not like how the girl was influenced by the boy, and she kept saying Jesus wasn't God. On a scale of one to ten, I would give it a 7. The story is about these kids who are detectives. They found a corgi puppy that has a collar on which means she has an owner. So they try to find her owner. In the meantime, there's a boy who doesn't believe in God, so they are trying to prove him wrong by sharing scripture with him. Then they start putting clues together and find out who the dog belongs to."

My 9yr old son said, " I like how the man made it like the kids were detectives in the book. The book was about 4 kids who found a puppy, so they asked if anyone knew it, but everyone said no. So they had to become detectives to solve the mystery on who's dog it was. They got a man who was a detective, and they all went to a detective class, and a couple of days later they solved the mystery."

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  4. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed!

  5. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed!